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In October I wrote here that the Microsoft UC team needed to widen the clients available for Lync and I hoped the Communicator client release for Mac OS X would flow through to their mobile clients.  The good news seems to be that this now seems to be coming to fruition.

At the Lync launch event Microsoft announced an official Lync client for iPhone will be inbound during 2011.  Microsoft are also working with RIM on a Blackberry client – RIM wished to take the lead on the development of the client.  Nokia will also have a Symbian client available soon.

The missing piece is of course Android.  I’m sure there will be Android clients released for Lync developed by partners and independent of Microsoft.  If you had asked me a couple of months ago if Microsoft would devote any effort in their own Lync client for Android I’d have said you were mad.  Now I am not so sure, I now think there is a chance we will see a Lync client for Android that will have some input from Microsoft in 2011.

Throughout 2011 expect to see a broad range of Lync mobile clients and be able to add ‘any device’ to the be connected anytime, anywhere on any device soundbite.

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    John Falkon
    There is a Microsoft Lync client – aLync - for ANDROID. You can download aLync from : aLync is a multi-messenger client. It supports OCS 2007 R2/Lync, Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN and soon other communication services, Facebook, ICQ and more to come. With aLync you can log on to your accounts and chat with your friends. It supports file transfer, a simple drawing board so you can easily draw something to your buddies and send them over. aLync has gesture recognition methods implemented so you can simply access helpful functions like sending text messages and calling a contact from your phone.
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      rosler28 Post author
      The mobile client is proving a frustrating wait for everyone deploying Lync. We do now have confirmation that Microsoft will develop their own Lync client for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7, with Nokia and RIM developing their own however the timing of release remains elusive. The only mention of timing we get is 'sometime calender year 2011' and the smoke signals out of Redmond suggest it will be towards the back of the year. What remains unclear to me is whether the mobile client will require an additional server role to be added or whether it will simply be a another client coming in via the Edge server. I really do wish the product team would provide an update on their mobile plans. If we had clarity we could manage expectations.