Securing Your iOS Device

Here is an interesting blog with some great recommendations on how a corporate security team could configure security for iOS devices. The blog is written by John Halamka a CIO within the US Healthcare industry.  A snippet is below but for the full article take a look here

I’m often asked how IT departments should advise users to secure their iPads and iPhone4′s.

Here’s the process suggested by my security team:

1. Make sure you’re running the latest iOS version (4.2.1 currently)

2. Download “Find My iPhone” (free app) from the Apple App Store. Log in or set up a new Mobile Me account and add the iPad to be tracked. Also try it out from a desktop to make sure you can (as a test) send a message to the device.

3. Make sure the iPad autolocks, requires a long passcode and erases data after 10 failed passcode attempts.

In Settings->General, configure:

a. Auto-Lock: set to something short, like 2-5 minutes (NOT “Never”)

b. Passcode Lock:

1. Turn Passcode On

2. Require Passcode: Immediately

3. Simple Passcode: Off (then set a long passcode)

4. Picture Frame: Off

5. Erase Data: On

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