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RIM’s inevitable decline in the enterprise has begun

When you are in a dominant market position it is often hard to sustain but I do think there is more going on with RIM/Blackberry.  RIM managed to hop on and ride the corporate mobile market during the formative years of the market.  Now the enterprise mobile market is maturing Blackberry is being swept aside by other competitors.  Unless something dramatic occurs Apple, Google and possibly Microsoft are going to dominate the mobile enterprise space over the coming years.  RIM, Nokia and HP might still have some share but I think we are all set for the next 5 years and it’s not good news for RIM.

Currently most organisations have Blackberry as their corporate standard for email and calendaring on a mobile device.  In 12 months time many will have changed this for a multi platform strategy.  The sheer weight of demand for Apple and Android devices makes this strategy unavoidable.

Read/Write article highlighting how Bank of Amercia and Citigroup are moving away from Blackberry.

Last month, Apple reported that 80% of Fortune 500 companies are testing the iPhone, including Procter & Gamble, General Electric and JPMorgan Chase & Co., the latter of which is also considering Android, saysBloombeg.

The article also cited an August survey by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., which found that 74% of U.S. and U.K. companies now let employees use non-Blackberry devices and in the U.S. alone, that number is 83%. Cost and employee preference were the two main reasons for the switch, the poll found.

Android OCS client now available for download 2

Update: here is the link to the official Microsoft Android Lync app

From the guys at Widget Media there is now an OCS client available for Android.  This is a welcome addition, the MS OCS and Lync team need to recognise that they can’t expect large organisations to fall into the Windows Phone 7, Nokia and Blackberry mobility story.  Many (if not all) have Android and Apple clients in their environment and to gain the full benefit of UC an OCS/Lync client for Android and Apple is needed.

Although I don’t know the technical detail I am told that the APIs in Lync make developing rich media clients on different platforms easier.

Check out the AndrOCS site here

10inch Android Tablet out in UK next two weeks

Engadget is reporting that the Tegra Advent Android tablet could be available in the UK next week in Dixons for £249. I’m not surprised that Advent come to market first as I remember picking up one of the first available netbooks in the UK from Dixons which happened to be an Advent branded machine.

I’m probably going to pick one of the devices up when they are released in the UK.  While I love the open nature of Android I do worry that the fragmentation of the system will prevent a genuine contender to the iPad.

Update, i’ve found the official release from Dixons:

Dixons Retail, parent company of PC World and Currys has today announced the exclusive UK launch of two new tablet computers; the Advent Vega and the Advent Amico in a move which will bring tablet computing to the masses.

The Advent Amico, at only £129.99, using Android 2.1 with a 7” touch screen and WiFi, offers customers a great introduction to the fun and convenience of tablet computing.  It is only 15mm thick and is great for downloading quality videos, games and music to enjoy anywhere. With the addition of a camera it offers customers fantastic value for money as an entry level tablet.

The fully featured Advent Vega at £249.99 is a quality and affordable tablet computer, brimming with features. It has a capacitive multi-touch 10.1” screen and an nVidia Tegra 2 dual core 1GHz processor making it one of the fastest tablets on the market, perfect for high quality video and sound playback and indeed more powerful than many netbooks.

Popular sites such as BBC iPlayer, gaming sites, MySpace, Yahoo! Mail and YouTube can all be accessed with ease on the new Advent Vega.

The Android 2.2 operating system coupled with the fastest processor for tablets on the market enables users to easily navigate their way around the functions and programmes on the Advent Vega.  With a 4Gb SD memory card as standard, up to 10 hours continued use, only 14mm thick, a 1.3 megapixel camera and WiFi capability, the Advent Vega is a very capable tablet, ideal for portable computing, at an affordable price.

Apple and Android growth continues unabated

Good Messaging love the headache created by the fragmentation of the mobile market. As Android and Apple continue their consumer assault Android and iOS phones are beginning to proliferate in the Enterprise. Meaning the poor Enterprise IT shop has to manage devices from Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and Android. Good is one of the ways they can reduce overhead and impose some security on devices by placing the Good client on the devices.

Below is a chart from Good that highlights the type of phone activated with their client between May and September. It doesn’t include Blackberry but it does show how Apple and Android continue their unabated growth.

Android in a Plane

Engadget reported yesterday that Thales and Panasonic are developing Android based platforms to support in flight entertainment systems.  I know this may be a small example but is it another piece of evidence to add to the case being made that Microsoft are losing the next big Operating System battle?

Will Android and iOS take significant chunks out of Microsoft’s desktop dominance, or worse will the true cloud based vision become true and make the device operating system irrelevant?   In either case can Microsoft respond and protect their revenue streams?

I’m not sure I see too much evidence of a response from Redmond.  While they say they are ‘all in’ with cloud do they really understand the pressure their base OS market is coming under or do sales of Windows7 in the Enterprise and current low consumer adoption of Android/Chrome OS desktops hide the reality from Microsoft executives?

Engadget article here

And here is the video from RunwayGirlMaryKirby youtube site

More Android in the Enterprise

Computerworld highlight further research showing the growing rise of Android smart phones in the enterprise.  The research carried out by ChangeWave points to 60% growth over 3 months in Enterprises looking to deploy Android.

An August survey of over 1,600 corporate IT buyers conducted by ChangeWave Research found that 16% of those polled said their firms were using Android-based smartphones. That’s a six-point jump since May, representing a 60% increase in three months.

The article found here also contains a good summary of where Android sits within the overall marketplace and what the major analysts are saying about the Enterprise smart phone market.

Will Android growth in US take a hit when iPhone is released from AT&T?

A Credit Suisse report (found via Apple Insider) has calmed fears for AT&T management and investors that if/when the iPhone moves to other carriers large swathes of subscribers will follow.  While this may be accurate I’m not sure this is the story.  For me the story will be more iPhone versus Android.  I’ve spoken to many people and businesses in the US who have moved to Android as their smartphone platform because they (for whatever reason) do not want to be on AT&T’s network.  This has resulted in a market share of the smartphone market of circa 20% in the US.  In the UK however where the iPhone is available on all main carrier networks the growth of Android and market share has lagged the US to circa 10%.

My question is:  will the momentum created by Android be maintained if/when iPhone is released on other US networks.  I would argue that it will.  The market gap that Android has filled in the US has allowed device manufacturers, carriers, retailers and Google build a market presence that will be difficult for Apple to stop.  It also supports investment in the Android platform which still requires improvements to UI and marketplace to compete successfully with Apple.

Google add two factor authentication to Apps

Google Enterprise have an event in Paris today where they showcase the fact that they now have 3 million customers and 30 million.  They will also announce a couple of new features including; two factor authentication and Doc co-editing on different devices including Android and iPad.

Only cloud computing is able to deliver the whole package of productivity-enhancing collaboration, superior reliability and virtually unlimited scale at a price that’s affordable for any size organization. Our Atmosphere event is a nice opportunity to step back and fully appreciate the power of the cloud with customers and future customers alike.

Full Google Enterprise article here