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Harvard Students Top 5 Medical Apps

Quite an interesting list, here are the top 5 downloaded apps by med school students at Harvard, care of Mobihealthnews:

Dynamed – Students and physicians can use this clinical reference tool created by physicians for point-of-care situations

Unbound Medicine uCentral – This apps serves as a portal bringing popular medical publications to students’ iPad with the tap of the screen. The app includes 5 Minute Clinical Consult, A to Z Drug Facts, Drug Interaction Facts, and others.

VisualDx Mobile – VisualDx provides physician-reviewed clinical information with thousands of medical images showing the variation of disease presentation through age, stage, and skin type.

Epocrates Essentials – The app is an all-in-one mobile guide to drugs and disease with an integrated disease database with conditions, plus over-the-counter medications and hundreds of diagnostic and laboratory tests.

iRadiology – A learning tool for medical students and residents, iRadiology provides quick reviews of classic radiology cases and images.


Cisco UC Partner Deliver Application for Healthcare

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that the FDA had approved the first medial use iPhone application, well it looks like the FDA will be having a busy time over the coming months reviewing more UC applications for the healthcare industry.  Extension Inc has recently submitted to the FDA for Class III Medical Device clearance an application called ‘HealthAlert for Nurses’ built on Extension’s middleware platform.  Their platform takes information from multiple systems and develops an interactive workflow.  In the case of HealthAlert for Nurses, nurses recieve alerts and information on their Cisco wireless handsets.

Extension Inc also has a number of iPhone applications which presents the information gathered by the middleware platform.

There is huge potential for these types of applications within the healthcare industry.  The twin forces of ever increasing costs and complex provision makes the healthcare industry an ideal industry for technology enabled reform.  UC implemented correctly within healthcare will saves billions of dollars, directly improve customer satisfaction and free up resources for investment in patient healthcare.  I do hope the FDA respond positively to the submission and on a wider front help establish a vibrant healthcare technology eco-system which embeds open unified communication standards within the industry.

For further information on the Extension application take a look at the video below

FDA Clear First iPad/iPhone App 1

It was is sure to be the first of many applications in the health market MIM Software has announced they are the first developer to receive FDA approval for their medial imagining tool for all iOS devices.  The application provides physicians the ability to receive medical scans on iPhone/iPad or iTouch devices from doctors or other health care providers.

Take a look at the MIM website here

iPad Used in Israeli Hospital

HealthcareITNews has an article on an Israeli medical center that has deployed iPads to all of its doctors.  Take a look at the press release from the medical center to see the benefits the iPad is generating.

Here is a quick quote from the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center’s CEO;

“A recent patient survey confirmed the importance of enabling doctors to check the status of patients and direct their treatment immediately, from within or outside the hospital – it was ranked 8.6 on a scale of 1 to 10 by the patients we interviewed. That is why we are using the latest devices and healthcare technology to help revolutionize patient care at our hospital, which is already known as one of the most progressive hospitals in Israel and internationally.”

NHS Trust recommend use of iPhone

Although I can not find the direct link to the report it is interesting to read of another NHS trust pushing the use of technology. According to Dumfries and Galloway are recommending that the iPhone is fit for clinical use. This is just another example of the use of UC technology within health care.

While trying to search for the article on the Dumfries and Galloway website I managed to find further references to telehealth services provided by the Trust, take a look here

Link to Publictechnology article here

Clinicians should be educated to build list views of their patients to reduce the need to enter names alongside patient data in such forms and encouraged not to enter patient names in any of the free-text areas of the application used for storing information.

NHS Trust goes paperless

Maybe not quite Unified Communications but I wanted to highlight the St Helens and Knowsley Teaching NHS Trust that has just announced that they are going paperless in their day to day operations.  By doing so they hope to improve customer service and reduce costs.

Take a look at the article for further details here

“This is a key element in our £338 million rebuild of our two main sites, as we see fully electronic patient records as central to delivering excellent patient care in world-class facilities,” its director of Informatics, Neil Darvill, told

Medtronic to buy 4500 iPads

More evidence of iPad usage within the health care sector in that Medtronic are buying 4500 units reports It would be really interesting to find out what other uses Medtronic will find for them.

CIO article here

“It was such a huge success, because people came to our booth not to look at the Medtronic product but to look at the iPad,” he said. “I didn’t care – I just wanted them at the booth.”

But Hedges bought many more iPads because they offer instant access to data and video, a particularly important attribute when showing product information to customers . Hedges added that the iPad’s instant-on capability was a key feature for the business.