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Current Mobile Client Lync Table 1

Here is a list of the existing clients that I know work with Lync.  Interestingly the Damaka client requires only the most Lync Edge to be installed but has the most functionality with Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice and Video.

Enterprise Instant MessagingBlackberryRIMIM and PresenceBES 5 SP3
Lync Edge
DamakaIM, Presence and Voice/VideoLync Edgehttp://tinyurl.com/3os4euz
iDialogiOSModality SystemsIM and Presence
Existing CWA Service
Lync Edge
Windows Phone 7Windows Phone 7.5 - MangoHome DevelopmentIM and Presence
Bespoke Server with UCMA3.0
Lync Edge

Unofficial Windows Phone Lync Client Released

In a prelude to a busy 6-9 months for Lync mobile clients the small team developing the unofficial Windows Phone client have released the necessary server to complement the Marketplace application.

The REST server can be found here

Implementing a dedicated server to push out information such as updates and AD is likely to be a very similar solution used by the official Lync clients that Microsoft/RIM and Nokia will release over the coming months.

While I’m sure most large Lync installs will await news of the official mobile release schedule from Microsoft hats off to Michael and his small but dedicated team members who have developed a great looking client.

Unofficial Windows Phone 7 Lync Client 1

While Lync users await the official release of clients for iOS, Android, Nokia, RIM and Windows Phone 7 sometime in 2011 a great looking unofficial Windows Phone 7 client video has been released on Youtube. Take a look over at Michael Olesen’s blog entry for further details on the application and some more screenshots. It seems this WP7 client was developed in their spare time.

We know that Microsoft are working on a WP7 Lync client and if it looks as good as the client in the video then there is an exciting year ahead for the mobile Lync space.  The integration of the Hub and contacts looks great.  They’ve also managed to draw down the photos.  The video is a little long and has no commentary but stick with it.  It demonstrates the ability to establish groups, set presence and invite other people into the chat.

No voice or video is demonstrated but I wouldn’t expect that this year. 2011 is going to be the year of Lync IM/Presence mobile clients. We might have to wait another year for the voice and video clients to be released.

Windows News Day

Interesting day within the Windows world.  Windows 8 builds, Phone 7 updates and a possible official Kinect SDK wraps up a busy day of unofficial news.  Why are these three elements important?  Because together they help form the picture of Microsoft’s next Enterprise (Wave 15) assault in 2012.

I have no data to back this next statement up but I suspect the Wave 14 releases (Windows 7, Office 2010, Sharepoint and Exchange 2010) have been a relative (I stress the word relative) sales disappointment to Microsoft.  This could well be due to the general financial climate but I also believe the Wave 14 products did not quite form a collective whole.  Each product was clearly an improvement over previous versions but CIOs need more reasons to invest.  They have questions that Wave 14 can’t quite answer:

  • How does my on premise and cloud investment dove tail together?
  • How do I plan continuous improvement without the need for fork lift upgrades?
  • Can I buy a solution that includes Desktop OS/Mobile/Cloud/Productivity Software and Service within a single consistent contract?
  • How do I show innovation and immediate business impact?
  • How does consumer IT and enterprise IT converge?

We’ll have to wait and see but Wave 15 could be the answer to many of these challenges and if it isn’t then Google and Apple will be more than happy to enter into Microsoft’s enterprise market.  No wonder Steve Balmer says that Windows 8 is Microsoft’s biggest gamble.

Nokia and Microsoft Tie Up

The Nokia/Microsoft partnership must be a huge disappointment to the Nokia employees who were once the giant of the mobile phone industry. Elop’s message struct a perfect cord for me. While his explicit message was clear – Nokia must change or die. It was his implicit criticism of Nokia’s culture and leadership that had the most power.

Nokia like many large organisations has been taken over by a management buercacry focused on producing powerpoints and quartley updates for steering groups that delivers nothing but oblivion.

While the powerpoints and updates circulated at Nokia and the Management Consultants billed more and more hours, Apple and Google beat them in the only place that matters – the marketplace with real users.

Elop had no other option but to put a bonfire to the Nokia management team and strategy. The Windows Phone tie up was an interesting choice. I’m sure Google were tempting Nokia with Android but I’m not sure Android would have been a distinct strategy for Nokia to move forward with.

Although Apple and Google dominate I do think there is space for one more operating system in the mobile market place. If Microsoft can execute quick and feature rich updates to the Windows Phone 7 platform over the next 12 – 18 months and if Nokia can free up their internal resource to deliver really good hardware I think there is a chance that this tie up could work.

It is easy to view Apple’s smartphone dominance as unbeatable but the technology market place is evolving so quickly that even Apple will have to make important strategic decisions over the next 12 months to stay ahead – cloud and diluting their handset mix as two examples.  As do Google, Android marketplace and their diverse handset/software mixture are challenges that they must overcome.  If either Apple or Google stumble Nokia/Microsoft could be ready step in.

Windows Phone 7 Updates in 2011

Gizmodo is reporting that Windows Phone 7 will be recieving at least a couple of updates this year.  The first is due in the next few weeks (and was announced at CES in the Microsoft keynote) and is expected to add a few new features and clear up some software bugs.  The second update is due later this year and is touted as a major update, delivering functionality such as HTML5 and new gesture controls.

No news on when the enterprise functionality will be added but this is exactly the type of release pace Microsoft need to maintain in order to catch up with Apple.

Take a look at the article here